Better Than Off The Rack

The most recent garment I purchased from Laurel is really easy to wear. One of those -go to' pieces in my closet. A summer weight bolero that feels good on and looks even better. Laurel Knows how to  make her pieces conform to my shape. Incredibly fast service and always with a smile. So much better than 'off the rack' goods.

Colleen Thompson, Canada, Napier

Excellent Value !

The oldest garment which Laurel made for me, a jacket, is now entering its third season. I still feel stylish wearing it, it is still admired, and you'd never know its age in spite of it being a well-worn favourite.
I feel quite spoiled when I visit Laurel's showroom. I value her advice because she listens and suggest suitable options based on her expert knowledge and creative flair . She is a talented designer who produces a quality, made-to-measure garment  that is distinctive, stylish, versatile, very affordable and excellent value.Her personal service has extended to finding me just the yarn for a jacket, now another favourite, to wear with a difficult-to-match skirt.

I'd describe your garments Laurel's garments as classic with a creative edge, funky enough to be fun to wear but not too funky for a 55-year-old.

Tamsin Haseltine, Napier

Delighted Customer

I first discovered Laurel’s creations when I approached a total stranger to ask where she had got her wonderful jacket from. I have since bought a number of jackets and tops from Laurel and they never fail to elicit a compliment whenever I wear them. When I visited her at the Pukeora Festival this year, I was wearing one of her jackets I had purchased earlier and was stopped several times by people who wanted to know where my jacket was from. I always try to make sure that my trips to Napier are based around Laurel’s availability so that I can visit her wonderful Salon.Kath Ledingham Wellington


I have been purchasing garments from Laurel Judd for many years, when she started selling her outfits whilst still holding down the extremely demanding role of a Teacher.

It has been such a pleasure to see how Laurel's talents have evolved and she has become an even more creative, artistic and gifted designer.
I take great delight in wearing Laurel's garments and people invariably admire what I am wearing and inquire where it was purchased.

Laurel is a delight to deal with and is always prepared to modify a design and produce an item of clothing to suit personal requirements.This she does very promptly. Laurel is extremely accommodating, fitting in a visit to her showroom at a convenient time and indeed this visit to her showroom is a highlight of the season.

Margaret Greig,

Satisfied customer,Napier

Pleasurable Experience!

Shopping at Laurel Judd's showroom is a most pleasurable experience.It is very difficult to choose from her well priced range of beautiful, inspired and original knitted, sometimes beaded and felted garments.

Whenever I am wearing one of Laurel's lovely garments, maybe accessorised with one of her striking necklaces, people will stop me and ask " where did you get that? Overseas? I am always proud to say "made by an award winning New Zealander at home in Napier."

I have taken a number of visitors to Laurel's place and they have enjoyed the visit and without exception purchased a garment, a necklace or both.If a garment on the racks is not your size, Laurel is happy to make one to fit you. It may not be exactly the same, as each one is so individual in appearance and colour, but I am sure you would be very happy with the outcome.

Rata Graham Happy Customer

Gorgeous Creations!

I always love buying one of laurel’s drop-dead gorgeous creations and have my eye on my next purchase as I leave her shop! And aint that the truth!!

Betty, Napier

Joy to Work with!

It has been a joy to work with Laurel. She has original, wonderful ideas, and is always very willing  to help. I am not creative, but she has suggestions which I liked and made a beautiful shawl and fantastic purse for my daughter's wedding. They were greatly admired. I would recommend her work to anyone.

Glenys McCaw, Napier